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Gas range repair in Selkirk, Schenectady, NY

Cooking is a lot more difficult when you're down a burner or your oven isn't working correctly. When something goes wrong with your cooktop or oven, the crew at Appliance Technician Services Inc can be there in a flash to diagnose and repair the issue. We offer expert repair services and installations in the Selkirk, New York area.

Dial 518-992-4884 right now to speak with an appliance technician about the problems you've been experiencing with your range.

Hire appliance technicians for all types of range issues

Hire appliance technicians for all types of range issues

Our technicians repair common problems with gas ranges. Contact Appliance Technician Services if:

  • Your oven won't heat up or turn off
  • The self-cleaning function stops working
  • Your gas ignitor is broken
  • One or more of your stove burners won't work
  • Your oven light goes out
  • Your range burners spark frequently

Have any of these happened in your kitchen? Contact us right now to send a repair pro to your home in Selkirk, NY to check out your range.