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Refrigerator installation and repair in Selkirk, Schenectady, NY

A working refrigerator is essential to a functional home. When yours stops working, you need assistance ASAP. Appliance Technician Services Inc offers refrigerator repairs and installations in Selkirk, New York. We consider refrigerator problems emergencies, so we offer service any time of the day. Service calls outside of normal business hours come with a small charge.

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Identify problems with your refrigerator

Identify problems with your refrigerator

It can be difficult to pinpoint the source of refrigerator problems. Here are a few things that might be going on with yours:

  1. If your ice maker stopped working, you could have a clogged water inlet valve or an electrical issue.
  2. If your refrigerator started making strange noises, your electrical control board may be damaged.
  3. If your water or ice dispenser stopped working, you may have a clogged filter or a broken water valve.

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