Washer and dryer installation Albany County, NY


Washer and Dryer Installation Service Albany County, NY

Did you just get a new washer? And a dryer to go with it as well? Then you’re in need of a professional washer and dryer installation service. If you’re located in Albany County, NY, then we can help! Our washing machine installation service, as well as our dryer installation service, can have both appliances up and running in no time! And we only have the best washer dryer installers to do the job!

Some of the most important appliances in your home are the washer and the dryer. They are there to make sure your clothes are clean and looking good, which means you look good in them. So when you get a new washing machine or a new dryer, it’s important to hook everything up the right way. And that’s exactly where our washer and dryer installation service can help you.


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Washing Machine Installation Service

You might think that installing a washing machine or a dryer is a piece of cake. All you need to do is plug everything in, and you’re done. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. First of all, you need to get the appliance inside your home. Then, you need to check that the electrical outlets that you have can handle the load that the new appliances need. Next, you need to connect the necessary water lines the right way and place the exhaust vent correctly. And in the case of gas washing machines or dryers, the connection needs to be safe.

It’s important to do all of those things flawlessly because otherwise, it could lead to damages and potentially dangerous situations. If you don’t connect the water lines the right way, you’ll end up with a flood inside your home. Then, if the exhaust vent isn’t right, the lint that will build up inside could cause a fire. If the gas connection isn’t safe, a gas leak is imminent. That’s why you have our washer and dryer installation service.

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Dryer Installation Service

Instead of worrying about all the details when it comes to setting up your new washer or dryer, you can just give us a call. There’s no need to go through the entire hassle, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, in order to protect the new appliance, as well as your household and its members, leave all of the installations to our washer and dryer installation service.

Our professional washer and dryer installation service will be there for you, whenever you need us. All you need to do is pick up the phone, and give us a call. Then, we can schedule an appointment and get the washer dryer installers at your location. It’s just that easy.


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Washer Dryer Installers

We can install and then make sure that your new washer or dryer is working properly. When it comes to washing machines, our washing machine installation service professionals are going to level them, then plug them in, and finally, connect all the hoses. And when it comes to front-loading washing machines, we can also put it up on a pedestal.

The same thing goes for dryers. Our washer and dryer installation service is going to go through all the necessary steps to make sure all the installations are done correctly. And if you’d like to hire our washer and dryer installation service outside of Albany County, NY, we also work in the following locations:

  • Greene County, NY
  • Columbia County, NY
  • Schenectady County, NY
  • Rensselaer County, NY
  • Saratoga County, NY

So call our office today to talk about what we can do for your next appliance installation. You’ll be glad you did!

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Our Testimonials

  • Thomas Pirozzi Avatar
    Thomas Pirozzi
    8/07/2019 - Google

    John is an exceptional technician. He responded quickly to repair our Samsung refrigerator, which no other service company in the... read more

    Richard O. Avatar
    Richard O.
    10/07/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Since we were leaving town for a week, they accommodated us by making the service call very promptly. They also... read more

    Nell B. Avatar
    Nell B.
    3/07/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Although he was running late and it was the end of the day, he still came and did a very... read more

  • Ernesto A. Avatar
    Ernesto A.
    12/05/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Clean friendly respectful

    MBBurrill Avatar
    8/07/2019 - Google

    Received excellent service from Jon on freezer diagnostic and new ice maker install. Received appointments at times convenient to me... read more

    Jennifer Caswell Nixon Avatar
    Jennifer Caswell Nixon
    4/07/2019 - Google

    Excellent prompt service! Fixed the dryer the same day we called. Fair price to diagnose the issue, had... read more

  • Ray B. Avatar
    Ray B.
    6/04/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Professional and courteous and on time. Explained everything and provided options.it�s good to know there Are honest people out there... read more

    Phyllis Avatar
    11/07/2018 - Google

    What excellent service and awesome hospitality! John certainly knows his craft. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Diagnosed my problem and... read more

    Robert M. Avatar
    Robert M.
    5/22/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    Jon was very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. Exceptional skill set. Answered all my questions and expounded with more... read more

  • Steve Transutti Avatar
    Steve Transutti
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Great company, great service!

    Pavel Voronko Avatar
    Pavel Voronko
    11/07/2018 - Google


    Amy Thomas Avatar
    Amy Thomas
    1/07/2019 - Google

    Did a great job fixing my Samsung dryer. Came in and knew right away what the issue was. John was... read more

  • a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    4/03/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    They came the next day after I called. He was very knowledgeable and honest. It would cost half as much... read more

    Robert I. Avatar
    Robert I.
    3/05/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    We were told when they would arrive beforehand and they arrived on time and went straight to work. They were... read more

    john gouzien Avatar
    john gouzien
    11/07/2018 - Google

    They did wonderful job. Very impressed with workmanship. Will hire them again.

  • Dawn Maria Avatar
    Dawn Maria
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Quality work at a great price!!! Highly recommend!

    Raymond W. Avatar
    Raymond W.
    5/23/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    My dryer required extensive repairs which would have resulted in spending almost as much as purchasing a basic new dryer... read more

    Patrick O. Avatar
    Patrick O.
    3/08/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    They were there right away at a very fair price!

  • Dawn W. Avatar
    Dawn W.
    6/28/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    The technicians were professional, prompt, honest and good diagnosticians. They will advise you sensibly relative to repairs vis a vis... read more

    Teresa M. Harrison Avatar
    Teresa M. Harrison
    11/07/2018 - Google

    I couldn't be happier with the service I received from John at Appliance Technician. He came when he was... read more

    Edward C. Avatar
    Edward C.
    7/16/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    honest, on time, accurate, hard working experienced

  • Patti D. Avatar
    Patti D.
    8/15/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    John arrived right on time and immediately went to work on my washer. He carefully moved my washer out from... read more

    Diane M. Avatar
    Diane M.
    3/17/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    they were very professional, polite, and hard working. they didn't charge by the hour but charged a service call to... read more

    Elba P. Avatar
    Elba P.
    5/26/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Quick and knowledgeable

  • Thomas A. Avatar
    Thomas A.
    11/26/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    This man went far beyond what was expected. His price was fair, significantly less then others that I quoted. He... read more

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    10/18/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Responded same day , repairman arrived on time ,diagnized problem, got the part needed and repaired the washer that day.i... read more

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    3/08/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    They guys were very nice and professional. I would hire them again for anything I need.

  • Cindy E. Avatar
    Cindy E.
    12/21/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    They were very quick to respond. Our repair was done the day after I contacted them. The technician was very... read more

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    11/27/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Very knowledgeable. Took the time to explain operational facets of work completed.

    johanna stebbins Avatar
    johanna stebbins
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Called a bit after 9AM and was on the service list for a 11am-2pm window that day. Received a... read more

  • Reid Simonds Avatar
    Reid Simonds
    11/07/2019 - Google

    Very knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely use their services again.

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    12/01/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    VERY satisfied. Jon accommodated my schedule which was very important. He was efficient, professional, polite and clean. Very quickly identified... read more

    Nancy S. Avatar
    Nancy S.
    7/08/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I didn't rate then 5 star only because we did not have them repair the microwave

  • a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    4/12/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    They were rather expensive for the work that they did

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    3/10/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Highly recommend. Excellent communication and provided prompt honest advice.

    William ( butch) T. Avatar
    William ( butch) T.
    8/17/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I would use him again

  • Eileen C. Avatar
    Eileen C.
    11/05/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Jon and Amanda were terrific to work with! I will keep there information and use again if necessary

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    6/14/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Fast, efficient & reasonably priced service

    David W. Avatar
    David W.
    7/09/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    The service was prompt and the technician well-informed. He gave us a good price on the replacement part we needed.

  • a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    3/14/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I had a refrigerator freezer that died on a Saturday. ATS was there right away and were very friendly and... read more

    Jodie S. Avatar
    Jodie S.
    8/17/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I received a phone call right away and the tech was at my house the very next day. He assessed... read more

    Cher E. Avatar
    Cher E.
    7/13/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Quick, polite, efficient

  • Brian S. Avatar
    Brian S.
    6/14/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    Very Professional

    John C. Avatar
    John C.
    11/19/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Rapid response and quick repairs at a reasonable cost.

    Dennis Wax Avatar
    Dennis Wax
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Excellent Customer Care. I got a quick response, a Saturday repair appointment, a quick repair, good advice on other... read more

  • Michael W. Avatar
    Michael W.
    4/28/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    They did a thorough job. They were very accommodating when scheduling the project. They completed the installation of the range... read more

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    11/03/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Very reliable, congenial. Asked for the model number ahead of time and arrived with the right part. Would definitely hire... read more

    John Schubert Avatar
    John Schubert
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Jon was great. He was on spot with what was wrong with my over priced Microwave which came with the... read more

  • Tara Saunders Avatar
    Tara Saunders
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Wow! From beginning to end, service was impecable. Amanda immediately assisted me when I had no washer. I explained the... read more

    Carolyn L. Avatar
    Carolyn L.
    12/26/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Exceptional response and diagnosis of an 8 y/o GE oven. The cost to repair was reasonable. Despite it being a... read more

    Anne marie S. Avatar
    Anne marie S.
    5/06/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Both technicians were courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend and use them again, if and when needed!

  • Richard M. Avatar
    Richard M.
    12/02/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Jon contacted me by phone this morning about an hour after I submitted my quote request on line. My experience... read more

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    1/16/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    They did confirm our washing machine was broken beyond repair. Our contact was brief but honest.

    Carol T. Avatar
    Carol T.
    11/11/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Best customer service I have ever had would recommend to all my friends

  • Carmen Hostetter Avatar
    Carmen Hostetter
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Was able to get an appointment very quickly for a broken washer. Was given a call the morning of the... read more

    Jim Carter Avatar
    Jim Carter
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Jon from Appliance Technician Services was super responsive, came on short notice, and solved our problem for a fraction of... read more

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    11/04/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Appointment scheduled for 10 am, received call that technician running late, expect at 11. I called after noon to see... read more

  • linda williams Avatar
    linda williams
    10/07/2019 - Google

    Once again Jon came through for us. We lost our dryer and Appliance TecH responded on the same day... read more

    Gary R. Avatar
    Gary R.
    3/10/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Showed up on time, very courteous and professional. Quickly assessed my issue and resolved the problem. I will definitely hire... read more

    Art N. Avatar
    Art N.
    12/12/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    This is my first time using Home Advisor and I could not be more pleased. I contacted Appliance Technician Services... read more

  • a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    6/09/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    On time, seem very honest.

    Dawn B. Avatar
    Dawn B.
    12/01/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Excellent customer service. Jon was very knowledgeable and fixed my oven the same day. I had an issue with my... read more

    Diane B. Avatar
    Diane B.
    8/31/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    On time and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend!

  • Bruce S. Avatar
    Bruce S.
    3/20/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    They came right out and gave me plenty of options for fixing my dishwasher. They had an upfront offer for... read more

    Joyce W. Avatar
    Joyce W.
    4/28/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Very prompt.. Even works on Saturday. Explained everything to me. Was so reasonably priced. Would definitely call him again for... read more

    Lou Giampaglia Avatar
    Lou Giampaglia
    10/07/2019 - Google

    AWESOME! Would not use anyone else. Fast, friendly and competent!

  • Dale S. Avatar
    Dale S.
    11/06/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Prompt and courteous. Did the job!

    Laura L. Avatar
    Laura L.
    1/19/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    For his first visit, Jon came exactly at the time I had checked off. He did an honest evaluation of... read more

    Terry W. Avatar
    Terry W.
    6/07/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    He was punctual and professional. I would recommend Tony to anyone.

  • Sophie T Avatar
    Sophie T
    2/07/2019 - Google

    They were able to provide next-day service to repair our washer. The technician was on time, very knowledgable and... read more

    Fred R. Avatar
    Fred R.
    11/12/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Very professional; very pleasant; knew their stuff

    Bernie V. Avatar
    Bernie V.
    8/16/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    John was a great technician. Fast service. Good communication. Fixed a fairly simple issue that others had missed. Quite happy... read more

  • Shawn Taylor Avatar
    Shawn Taylor
    7/07/2019 - Google

    Jon showed up early! Nobody ever shows up early! He had the problem diagnosed and appliance fixed in... read more

    Earl C. Avatar
    Earl C.
    11/28/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Courteous, professional and knowledgeable. Very reasonable cost.

    Rhonda G. Avatar
    Rhonda G.
    10/25/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    When our refrigerator started blowing hot air instead of cold, we got an appointment quickly, the service person arrived on... read more

  • Margaret F. Avatar
    Margaret F.
    11/28/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Answered all my questions and explained procedures that I hadn't understood. Extremely informative and patient

    Jennifer Bennett Avatar
    Jennifer Bennett
    10/07/2019 - Google

    ATS & Jon are fast, efficient, courteous and knowledgeable! I highly recommend ATS!!!

    Gail Babirad Avatar
    Gail Babirad
    8/07/2019 - Google

    This was the second time I had my front load washing machine seal replaced, and they did an excellent job.... read more

  • Myer K. Avatar
    Myer K.
    7/30/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Excellent, cost-conscious service.

    Susan V. Avatar
    Susan V.
    11/10/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Service person was willing to put glass back in stove door but very apprehensive. I still had to put duck... read more

    Meredith E. Avatar
    Meredith E.
    12/08/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    We have had Jon come over twice to troubleshoot and work on our appliances. Both times I called, he was... read more

  • Russell M. Avatar
    Russell M.
    11/18/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    John was helpful, direct, consumer-conscious. We would highly recommend this company.

    Deanna C. Avatar
    Deanna C.
    2/03/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    He knew exactly what was wrong with the refrigerator just from the phone.

    Dawn Wallant Avatar
    Dawn Wallant
    11/07/2017 - Google

    John and Mike are professional, skilled, courteous and honest!--the four most important qualities you want in any profession! They... read more

  • James Sponable Avatar
    James Sponable
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Repaired my range and he done a great job he knows his stuff

    daniele hollywood Avatar
    daniele hollywood
    11/07/2018 - Google

    I'm thrilled that John from Appliance Technician Services was able to do a service call on my washer dryer. I... read more

    George W. Avatar
    George W.
    12/26/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Outstanding...service was delivered in timely and punctual manner...very transparent and focused on ensuring customer gets value recieved. Prices very reasonable... read more

  • Jim W. Avatar
    Jim W.
    3/08/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Jon came in fixed my washer made a few recommendations. I would highly recommend them for any appliance repair. While... read more

    Donna D. Avatar
    Donna D.
    4/03/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    very knowledgeable, offered alternatives, responsive, on time

    joe heffer Avatar
    joe heffer
    11/07/2018 - Google

    John came bye this afternoon. professional and on time. Offered alot of knowledge about my washer and dryer that I... read more

  • Robert Dodge Avatar
    Robert Dodge
    7/07/2019 - Google

    Great company with great service and great rates! Needed John twice in the last two months and received excellent... read more

    Gary Phillips Avatar
    Gary Phillips
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Tremendous turn around time(1 day) between service request and job completion. Installation of microwave performed very very well. ... read more

    Nicholas M. Avatar
    Nicholas M.
    1/12/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Fixed the problem, everybody in the team was very professional.

  • Donna B. Avatar
    Donna B.
    4/28/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    This was a very professional company. The Techs were professional and honest. They arrived as promised which was the same... read more

    Paul Stewart Avatar
    Paul Stewart
    3/07/2019 - Google

    Just a note to say thank you for your quick and courteous service. Excellent work!

    Terri G. Avatar
    Terri G.
    3/31/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    They were friendly and very helpful. Came back with the part they needed the same day and fixed the washer.

  • Katelyn G. Avatar
    Katelyn G.
    1/27/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    John was Awesome!!! He went above and beyond to help me repair my fridge. I definitely recommend this company and... read more

    Jenifer M. Avatar
    Jenifer M.
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Jon showed up within 2 hours of placing service call and diagnosed in 5 minutes. 25 year old dryer... read more

    George Hastings Avatar
    George Hastings
    10/10/2019 - Google

    Jon and his cabinetry expert friend made short work of a difficult gas stovetop installation. They really know their stuff.

  • Kathleen B. Avatar
    Kathleen B.
    8/23/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    very cmpentent and really nice guys

    Claire J. Avatar
    Claire J.
    6/01/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Friendly, honest, reliable and reasonable. Explained what repair was needed for my dryer and took care of it in a... read more

    Golda Osei Avatar
    Golda Osei
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Outstanding customer service, friendly and knowledgeable. Will highly recommend.

  • Robert M. Avatar
    Robert M.
    5/25/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Friendly and courteous, I would recommend Appliance Technician Services to anyone needing appliance repair.

    Richard W. Avatar
    Richard W.
    12/30/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Very accommodating. Very thorough. Great service.

    Linda Y. Avatar
    Linda Y.
    2/23/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Jon and his assistant were very professional, kind and honest. They completed the repair in a timely manner, explained everything... read more

  • Deanna M. Avatar
    Deanna M.
    10/29/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Prompt and fixed the problem quickly. Would hire again.

    Bryan Wordon Avatar
    Bryan Wordon
    4/07/2019 - Google

    Unfortunately we need our dryer fixed twice in the past month...both times they showed up exactly when they said, called... read more

    kim Avatar
    1/07/2019 - Google

    I have a GE Monogram Professional Range and most businesses aren't qualified to service them. Jon was able to... read more

  • michelle driscoll Avatar
    michelle driscoll
    1/07/2019 - Google

    Jon showed up diagnosed the problem was honest and explained everything gave us options without trying to get us to... read more

    Jamie O. Avatar
    Jamie O.
    3/20/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    They fit me in on an already full day and fixed my issue in no time

    Linda S. Avatar
    Linda S.
    9/21/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Amanda called within 1 1/2 hours of my request and John came the same day to fix my refrigerator. He... read more

  • Paige Farrara Avatar
    Paige Farrara
    10/07/2019 - Google

    This is the first service through Lowe’s that I have actually been happy with. We bought a Samsung refrigerator that... read more

    David B. Avatar
    David B.
    5/09/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I had a dishwasher door that had lost both of its spring mechanisms. About 3 hours after I posted my... read more

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    1/15/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    They were great!

  • Mary T. Avatar
    Mary T.
    8/22/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I called with a refrigerator problem. The technician talked me through a self fix. If it doesn't work I definitely... read more

    Joseph F. Avatar
    Joseph F.
    9/27/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Excellent work. Only did what was necessary. Will use again.

    Brian M. Avatar
    Brian M.
    4/21/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Not only are these guys good at what they do, they went way out of their way to get the... read more

  • Richard K. Avatar
    Richard K.
    12/20/2017 - HomeAdvisor


    Donna Smith Avatar
    Donna Smith
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Wow, just wow! I am so happy I contacted this company to fix my dryer. Everyone was a... read more

    Grant V. Avatar
    Grant V.
    5/30/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    John arrived on time, was polite and spent almost 2 hours diagnosing and repairing our oven. He has a 30-day... read more

  • Sharon Swan Avatar
    Sharon Swan
    1/07/2019 - Google

    The repairman showed up within an hour and had my washer working again in no time. Price was very... read more

    Michael D. Avatar
    Michael D.
    6/19/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Showed up on time Professional.

    Ruben B. Avatar
    Ruben B.
    5/30/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    Very honest and reliable

  • Josh Spath Avatar
    Josh Spath
    4/07/2019 - Google

    ATS was very professional from start to finish. I called them late in the day to schedule service and they... read more

    Larry P. Avatar
    Larry P.
    2/27/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    They were great to deal with..showed up on time and got the stove fixed!!

    Christina Hettie Avatar
    Christina Hettie
    10/07/2019 - Google

    My oven was no longer heating up properly and needed a new heating element! I called late Sunday evening. I... read more

  • Linda C. Avatar
    Linda C.
    12/17/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    We called in s Friday and Jon was here on Sat at 9am

    b spa Avatar
    b spa
    8/07/2019 - Google

    John came promptly to fix my didhwasher...diagnosed & saved me a bundle by getting a circuit board off Amazon. Highly... read more

    Garry M. Avatar
    Garry M.
    12/01/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Jon was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. I was given rate quotes at each phase of my repair. There were no... read more

  • Tina Spano Avatar
    Tina Spano
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Jon was Great! Arrived when they said he would. Reasonably priced! Diagnosed and fixed my Samsung oven very quickly. Jon... read more

    Cameron desnoyers Avatar
    Cameron desnoyers
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Quality service at a reasonable cost!

    Cher E. Avatar
    Cher E.
    9/30/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    The Technician came the same day I called for help. He was friendly, polite and efficient. Will recommend this company.

  • Max Halabuda Avatar
    Max Halabuda
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Very nice experience. Jon explained the issue with the dryer and the options for the repair. Repair was made quickly... read more

    Tom Salvo Avatar
    Tom Salvo
    11/07/2018 - Google

    We just purchased new appliances last week but Samsung wouldn't arrange the repair. The seller sent Jon and the experience... read more

    Chris H. Avatar
    Chris H.
    3/31/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Very quick response. Diagnosed and repaired in the same day!

  • a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    10/17/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Friendly, accommodating, fair and competent.

    Theresa M. Avatar
    Theresa M.
    11/13/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    On time, same day. Great advice.

    Carson L. Avatar
    Carson L.
    11/22/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Nice job was done and fixed the contributing problem that caused the leak.

  • Gene B. Avatar
    Gene B.
    3/31/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    the tech. diagnosed the problem over the phone, brought the part with him and had the repair done in no... read more

    Hilda S. Avatar
    Hilda S.
    2/10/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I will definitely call them again if need it.

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    3/06/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Guys very nice and dont rip you off.

  • Jim Scheriff Avatar
    Jim Scheriff
    12/07/2018 - Google

    Great service and John the technician was very knowledgeable

    Patricia Rice Avatar
    Patricia Rice
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Very knowledgeable. Quick service at a reasonable price.

    Jessica Hill Avatar
    Jessica Hill
    11/07/2018 - Google

    The office manager Amanda is very helpful and extremely knowledgeable to the job she does, and about appliances that their... read more

  • Autumn K. Avatar
    Autumn K.
    7/22/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Splendid, they killed that old hag as I asked, well done (lol jk)

    Colleen C. Avatar
    Colleen C.
    3/09/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Very courteous and professional. I would definitely hire them again as they were very thorough and knowledgeable.

    Jim Z. Avatar
    Jim Z.
    10/15/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    John is smart and hardworking. He not only did great job in installing the downdraft cooktop for us but also... read more

  • Marilyn D. Avatar
    Marilyn D.
    1/12/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Very professional, reasonably priced, would contact again without hesitation. Highly recommend!

    David S. Avatar
    David S.
    4/26/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Very courteous and knowledgeable

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    3/07/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Excellent--courteous, efficient, effective

  • Nancy B Avatar
    Nancy B
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Called them to have a water line done for my dishwasher and an ice maker installed with a new line... read more

    Susan M. Avatar
    Susan M.
    5/08/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Excellent communication. Fast service. Friendly and efficient. Would totally call them again.

    Jonathan P. Avatar
    Jonathan P.
    10/08/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Fixed it in no time, even showed up within 30 minutes on a Saturday morning, saved me all kinds of... read more

  • a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    5/05/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Professional and affordable

    Brian Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Brian Fitzpatrick
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Best experience I’ve ever with an appliance repair company. Expected to pay $200 to $250 to repair a leak... read more

    Robert K. Avatar
    Robert K.
    11/15/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Arrived on time on a weekend, diagnosed the problem, and since it was a weekend, let me know what part... read more

  • Mbuyi M. Avatar
    Mbuyi M.
    9/18/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    The service was amazing. Not only was he washer installed in less then 30 minutes, but the customer service was... read more

    Sandra K. Avatar
    Sandra K.
    8/18/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    goes out of the way to please customers, great at communication, great at informing me and keeping me aware of... read more

    Katherine M. Avatar
    Katherine M.
    7/17/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I know I will be using them for all my problems with my utilities.

  • a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    2/27/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Very responsive. On time, reasonably priced. Going to break something so I can hire again !!!!

    Tammie Falsen Avatar
    Tammie Falsen
    1/07/2019 - Google

    Great, honest, service. Excellent customer service. Jon knows his stuff when it comes to appliance repair or replace.... read more

    Tom& colleen Z. Avatar
    Tom& colleen Z.
    12/06/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    It turns out we had a very odd problem with our hi-tech washing machine and Jon figured it out in... read more

  • David Shapard Avatar
    David Shapard
    11/07/2018 - Google

    We have used them several times, and they have always given good service. John is very friendly, he explains clearly... read more

    Martin Summer Avatar
    Martin Summer
    7/07/2019 - Google

    John was great. He diagnosed the problem and offered to either order the part and fix it or have... read more

    Michelle Pentak Avatar
    Michelle Pentak
    11/07/2018 - Google

    John was great. He was here within hours of the initial call. He diagnosed the trouble and told us our... read more

  • Patrick K. Avatar
    Patrick K.
    8/17/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Great,I will use them again

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    10/14/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Pleasant and knowledgable.

    Thomas P. Avatar
    Thomas P.
    12/24/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Saved me a bunch warning about the pitfalls attempting any repairs to the sealed cooling system of a 3 year... read more

  • Kelly H Avatar
    Kelly H
    11/07/2018 - Google

    John was very knowledgeable and went the extra mile to get my oven working again. He explained everything in great... read more

    Kathryn Adams Avatar
    Kathryn Adams
    5/07/2019 - Google

    They called right back and we scheduled an appointment. Jon figured out the issue ASAP, explained the repair needed and... read more

    Mark W. Avatar
    Mark W.
    4/10/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Very accommodating. Flexible and got the job done. Responsible and courteous.

  • Jose V. Avatar
    Jose V.
    1/24/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    the best

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    1/26/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    You want it fixed right and at half the cost.....call this company!!!!! Quickly repaired our oven on our Dacor Range.... read more

    Azure W. Avatar
    Azure W.
    1/19/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    He was nice and polite. He doesn't look like a person you would never let in your house because they... read more

  • Fred W. Avatar
    Fred W.
    10/21/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Jon was upfront about the problem and the cost. exceptional care in maintaining a clean work area.

    Leah D. Avatar
    Leah D.
    10/10/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Technician was on time, friendly, and honest. He gave me valuable advice regarding my washing machine. The price was fair... read more

    Rick B. Avatar
    Rick B.
    1/26/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I highly recommend ATS. The technician; John, was very professional and informed me what the problem was with opur dryer... read more

  • Nancy S. Avatar
    Nancy S.
    8/05/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    I appreciate that the technician took the time needed to explain what he had found and my options to repair... read more

    Joshua McKay Avatar
    Joshua McKay
    11/06/2019 - Google

    Excellent service! Tec arrived day after call and had my dryer fixed in 20 min!! Cost was very affordable!! Highly recommended!

    Katherine F. Avatar
    Katherine F.
    2/24/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    wonderful service at a great price

  • Garry Q. Avatar
    Garry Q.
    5/19/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    Very friendly and knowledgeable person, heard the dryer run, knew exactly what it was an did the repair. Very reasonable pricing!

    sal filingeri Avatar
    sal filingeri
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Can not say enough about the positive experience I had with this company. After one of the big box stores... read more

    Mitch Cohen Avatar
    Mitch Cohen
    8/07/2019 - Google

    We could not be more pleased with this company! The technician arrived on time with the parts required to... read more

  • Terri R. Avatar
    Terri R.
    8/01/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Replaced control board on my gas/electric stove, does great work

    Ryan P. Avatar
    Ryan P.
    11/28/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Courteous, professional and friendly would hire again in a heartbeat!

    John Murphy Avatar
    John Murphy
    11/07/2018 - Google

    I was having problems with my stove. I smelled gas leaking and initially called National Grid, and they deemed my... read more

  • William (butch) T. Avatar
    William (butch) T.
    2/25/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I would hire again with no prop. He is very up front and honest. Their is no reason not to... read more

    Kathy B. Avatar
    Kathy B.
    9/13/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    skilled and fair priced

    Carolyn Palmieri Avatar
    Carolyn Palmieri
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Jon was on time, very friendly and solved our problem!

  • Phyllis H. Avatar
    Phyllis H.
    10/05/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    I am very happy to have found this company to repair my refrigerator. They were a pleasure to deal with.... read more

    Gerald L. Avatar
    Gerald L.
    4/23/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Very professional. Repairs done in a timely manner

    Gary R. Avatar
    Gary R.
    10/20/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I called them for a second time. They were on time, courteous and diagnosed the problem correctly, ordered the part... read more

  • David Eames Avatar
    David Eames
    9/07/2019 - Google

    I needed a repairman to look at my clothes washer so I called ATS and left a message. About 30... read more

    A W Avatar
    A W
    2/07/2019 - Google

    John came to fix my washer. Very knowledgeable, polite and quick with his work. $130 when it was all said... read more

    Edward D. Avatar
    Edward D.
    12/29/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Jon was very fast and didn't leave until it was working great. Highly recommended.

  • Lynne A. Avatar
    Lynne A.
    12/12/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Very prompt and courteous both the technician and office staff. Fee was less than other quotes and quality excellent. I... read more

    Robert I. Avatar
    Robert I.
    10/16/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Very responsive and showed concern the customer received true value for service rendered

    Deborah B. Avatar
    Deborah B.
    10/07/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Very honest and reliable.

  • Trish M. Avatar
    Trish M.
    8/22/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I called them and they came that day. He was very knowledgeable, prompt, and reasonable. They cleaned up after themselves.

    Nansi F. Avatar
    Nansi F.
    2/23/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    Response to initial phone message was very fast (less than 1/2 hour) and extremely courteous. The repair was scheduled and... read more

    Henry Collins Avatar
    Henry Collins
    6/07/2019 - Google

    Wow. Called before noon about a washing machine that wouldn't work. The fabulous tech was here a few... read more

  • Nancy B. Avatar
    Nancy B.
    4/02/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Mike changed the waterline on my fridge, installed ice maker and did a waterline on my dishwasher. Came the same... read more

    Greg Hamm Avatar
    Greg Hamm
    6/07/2019 - Google

    Fantastic experience. John came on the same day that we called and fixed the issue with our fridge quickly and... read more

    11/07/2018 - Google

    I could not have been more pleased with the service received from Jon this date with regard to my convection... read more

  • Manmohan C. Avatar
    Manmohan C.
    10/06/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    Great service and fair price

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    9/05/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Arrived in a timely fashion. Diagnosed the problem, explained it, fixed and left. Friendly and efficient

    Dave P. Avatar
    Dave P.
    11/07/2018 - Google

    Responsive, dependable and reasonably priced. Called on twice to repair washer and dishwasher. Highly recommend.

  • Harold L. Avatar
    Harold L.
    4/30/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Showed up and worked to fix the problem until 7:30 pm. Came back with parts the next day and it... read more

    Joe P. Avatar
    Joe P.
    6/11/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Quick response on visit for diagnostics. Ordered part, explained options for repair. scheduled to accommodate service off hours which was... read more

    David H. Avatar
    David H.
    7/24/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Was happy there is still honest people in this world. I would recommend for the job. On time and very... read more

  • Marie P. Avatar
    Marie P.
    1/20/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    So happy with this company. First of all, Jon D. Came to my home on a Saturday at 6:00 in... read more

    James Murray Avatar
    James Murray
    11/07/2017 - Google

    Great guys excellent service highly recommend don't think about it just do it

    Brett P. Avatar
    Brett P.
    3/27/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Sadly, my washing machine was not repairable, but the two gentlemen who came to my house were very thorough and... read more

  • Edward K. Avatar
    Edward K.
    8/05/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    do not hesitate to call them.we have nothing but praise

    Nora Cietek Avatar
    Nora Cietek
    11/07/2018 - Google

    From the moment we spoke to Amanda who answered the phone, we felt confident that we were dealing with professionals.... read more

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    10/11/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Very convenient

  • Steve R. Avatar
    Steve R.
    12/10/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Tech was knowledgable , problem was solved in our double oven. Digital control for bottom oven failed no heat in... read more

    H P. Avatar
    H P.
    10/29/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Took time to identify and show me problem. Made it easy to decide that repair would not be cost effective.

    Donna S. Avatar
    Donna S.
    9/26/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    A wonderful company to deal with. I got an appointment quickly and the work was top notch. My technician, Jon,... read more

  • Megan Mook Avatar
    Megan Mook
    8/07/2019 - Google

    Scheduling was refreshingly professional and easy. John was SUPER Great. Affordable and ethical. I HIGHY recommend.

    Karen T. Avatar
    Karen T.
    9/24/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Very experienced, fast and kind. Went above and beyond.

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    10/29/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Arrived on time, & called ahead as promised. My refrigerator was cleaner when he left than it was when he... read more

  • Vincent F. Avatar
    Vincent F.
    8/15/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Very helpful resolving my issue. Arrived on time and contacted me prior to arrival.

    Suzanne L. Avatar
    Suzanne L.
    4/18/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Awesome experience!

    Ted Weitzenberg Avatar
    Ted Weitzenberg
    11/07/2018 - Google

    This was the only repair service that was willing to respond quickly to my Samsung refrigerator not working. They arrived... read more

  • S B. Avatar
    S B.
    11/16/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    An honest, customer centered small business that truly cares about the jobs they do. I found Jon to be friendly,... read more

    Tom G. Avatar
    Tom G.
    2/06/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    They came promptly, came prepared and came the next day after our initial call on a Sunday. Very friendly and... read more

    Anne Robbins Avatar
    Anne Robbins
    2/07/2019 - Google

    We were very happy with the service we received. Jon went out of his way to take care... read more

  • Kenneth R. Avatar
    Kenneth R.
    3/21/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    The two guys who came to fix my frig located the problem, informed me of the pros and cons of... read more

    dwight ricci Avatar
    dwight ricci
    10/07/2019 - Google

    Very responsive to our questions and needs. Very flexible in terms of schedule. Fixed our washer in cost... read more

    Andrew G. Avatar
    Andrew G.
    4/15/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Fast response, excellent work

  • Christine Schaible Avatar
    Christine Schaible
    11/07/2018 - Google

    After nothing but frustration from Ge & big box store... I was extremely satisfied from start to finish with Appliance... read more

    Ellen M. Avatar
    Ellen M.
    11/22/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    John was great!He was on time , diagnosed the problem at no charge & returned with the parts required the... read more


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